Meat value sales drop once again
Published:  03 December, 2015

Fresh meat and poultry sales have seen another decline in value sales. According to Kantar Worldpanel’s Meat, Fish & Poultry Market update for the 12 weeks to 8 November 2015, value sales dropped 0.7% while volume sales saw modest growth at 1.5%. 

Lamb had a strong performance in the last 12 weeks compared to 2014, attributed to a strong performance from leg roasting joints. Pork saw continued decline in both value and volume, with 560,000 fewer households buying compared to last year.

Kantar Worldpanel added that British Sausage Week failed to drive sales, with the sausage category seeing a -4.7% and -6.8% decline in value and volume sales respectively. However, burgers and grills grew over the same period, experiencing a 7.3% increase in value sales and a 10.8% jump in volume sales.

While the Kantar Worldpanel data doesn’t take into account the impact of the recent World Health Organisation study into red and processed meat, IRI Retail Advantage, which measures sales across the major retail multiples, showed that since the week of the report (w/e 31 October) and the following week (w/e 7 November), losses in sales of sausages and bacon were estimated to be £3 million.  

IRI reported that value sales of pre-packed sausages saw a decrease of -15.7% for w/e 31 October compared to the same week of last year while pre-packed bacon saw a steeper decline, with sales down -17%. The product has fallen -6.5% in the past 12 weeks, and -5.6% in the last 52 weeks, which is equal to a 10% fall in sales as a result of the WHO report.