The Archers helps increase Christmas geese orders
Published:  04 December, 2015

Early orders of Christmas geese have been driven from an unlikely source. 

Dryden Farms has been supplying geese for the past six years, with Christmas orders usually taken from mid-December. However, this year there has been a buck in routine.

“We noticed in October orders for geese came in early,” Judith Dryden from Dryden Farms told Meat Trades Journal.

“The trend was different to normal years. I couldn’t understand why until I started talking to customers when I was out doing farmers’ markets and customers started mentioning The Archers. At first I thought it was a wind-up – but evidently it has put into people’s minds that they should try geese and it has brought sales in early.”

Dryden attributed the introduction to the Fairbrother brothers in the radio soap as influencing people’s decisions to differ from the traditional turkey this Christmas.

However, turkey sales still outweigh those of geese. “I sell 500 Kelly Bronze turkeys and 100 geese, we always sell more turkeys than geese,” added Dryden.

Laura Stearman from the British Poultry Council (BPC) echoed these sentiments, although she did recognise that goose sales have seen an increase.

“We try to get a figure together around January and February of what production we think has happened at Christmas. With geese it tends to be a quarter of a million birds.” This is compared to 10 million turkeys sold, according to Stearman.