New food packaging combats waste
Published:  09 December, 2015

The meat and poultry industry is set to benefit from waste-reducing packaging.

Returnable transit packaging company PPS has claimed it will dramatically cut the tonnage of packaging waste produced within the food supply chain with the development of reusable and leak-proof plastic trays.

“We’ve been speaking to some of the major manufacturers and retailers who are telling us they are constantly looking for solutions to reduce their high amounts of packaging waste still being sent to landfill,” said Joanne Moss of PPS.

The company has been developing an immediate and sustainable alternative single-use packaging to replace where levels of polystyrene and cardboard usage are still high. According to PPS, there is an estimated 300,000 tonnes of expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste produced every year.

To overcome this wastage, PPS has created Re-Fresh, a 3kg and 6kg volume lidded plastic tray with the ability to be used throughout the supply chain all the way through to supermarket food counters.

PPS claims the Re-Fresh box is the first of its kind on the market and is ideal for the distribution of smaller loads, including fish, meat and poultry, as well as other fresh foods and pharmaceutical products.

The innovative packaging has been designed with consideration of major food retailers’ and the foodservice’s needs, resulting in leak-proof properties. The box can apparently last up to 10 years and can be used again and again, resulting in reduced costs and carbon emissions involved when using single-use packaging.

“We constantly see companies using polystyrene boxes or single-use cardboard throughout their supply chain,” added Moss.

“Finding ways to reduce waste can be a complex process, but changing the packaging in your supply chain to something that can be reused for an entire decade is surely one quick and simple step in the right direction.”

To bring Re-Fresh to the market, PPS has invested significantly and purchased a new £1.5 million site in Grimsby.

Since this site opened, the company has invested a further £100,000 on industrial washing equipment for the cleaning and roll-out of the Re-Fresh box. Interest has already been expressed by manufacturers and supermarkets that are beginning trials of the Re-Fresh box to replace other forms of packaging.