Christmas turkey falling out of favour, says study
Published:  16 December, 2015

Research from online restaurant booking platform Bookatable.co.uk has revealed that the traditional Christmas dinner is becoming less popular with Millennials. 

According to the research, over half of Brits between the ages of 18 and 34 don’t like the taste of turkey, but eat it anyway for their Christmas meal, while just over a third (37%) have had so many festive dinners throughout December that when the 25th comes around they are already fed up with it.

When considering the whole of Britain, 34% said they did not eat a ‘traditional’ Christmas Dinner and 7% admitted to not liking the meal. A further 28% of diners were reported to be bored of the festive meal and wanted alternative meats as their Christmas centrepiece.

“It is interesting to see that more and more young Brits are looking to shake things up when it comes to the traditional turkey meal – with many wanting to forgo it altogether,” said Joe Steele, chief executive of Bookatable.co.uk.

“As these Millennials grow older and have families themselves, we may see that the demand for turkey falls with every Christmas.”

Bookatable also claimed that 17 million Brits, equal to 27% of the population, prefer to eat beef, with 15m (23%) favouring chicken. Duck and lamb are also popular alternatives with 13% of Brits choosing each meat.

The conducted research has shown that the ‘Millennial’ generation is more likely to experiment in the kitchen at Christmas, with 10% taking inspiration from travelling and 9% using recipes from cookbooks and TV shows.

However, when given free rein in the kitchen, nearly a quarter (23%) of Brits aged between 18 and 34 said they would prefer a steak on Christmas Day, with 12% opting for a burger. Other unconventional meals with young Brits included an Indian curry (14%) and sushi (10%).