Low-fat sausages to help with weight loss
Published:  12 January, 2016

Northern Irish healthy eating company Slender Choice has launched a range of low-fat sausages to the market.

After joining forces with Karro Food Group in May 2015, husband and wife team Karen and Frank Daly from Slender Choice now act as business development manager health & wellness and sales manager, respectively, for Karro.

Under the brand War on Weight (WOW), Slender Choice and Karro last week launched its range of low-fat sausages to Spar/Eurospar NI, Nisa and Costcutter with plans for the products to be rolled out in Dunnes Stores this week. The WOW range has been available at McGee’s butchers in Asda since October.

Karen Daly became passionate about healthy eating after losing over four stone. Alongside her husband, she was inspired to get involved with the industry after she struggled to find low-fat sausages on the Irish market. “Our mission is to create nutritious and delicious foods to make healthy eating easier and tastier than ever,” Karen Daly told Meat Trades Journal.

At the moment, WOW’s low-fat sausages are available in original pork, and pork, sweet chilli and garlic varieties, with more to come.

“We all want to look and feel WOW and when people try our foods their first comment is usually WOW!” commented Daly. “Our website www.eatwow.com will provide people with lots of tips, recipes and motivation for anyone looking to lose weight or simply include more nutrition in the day.”

Daly, who is in the final year of her MSc in weight management said she enjoyed being able to use her knowledge to help others. “I know how it feels to carry excess weight. On the flipside, reaching my dream weight has literally changed my life forever. My goal is to empower people to choose a healthier lifestyle and reach their own dream weight and feel truly happy and confident in their own skin.”

She said that the products adhered to all regulations and were certified independently to be both low in fat and gluten-free.

“I know our products make it easier for people to stick to their healthy eating plans and I will provide as much help and support as I can along the way.”