Farmers fined for welfare breaches
Published:  09 March, 2007

Three men have been fined thousands of pounds for selling poultry unfit for human consumption.

Brothers Brian and Frank Clay, of Ripponden, Yorkshire, and Vali Moosa Yusef, of Oldham admitted breaching regulations over the animals' welfare, slaughter and

transportation at Halifax Magistrates' Court.

Malcolm Nowell, prosecuting, said bags of chicken feathers and blood were

left lying around Sunnybank Farm in Ripponden, Yorkshire.

Nowell said that when environmental health officers arrived at the farm,

Yusuf, who has a shop that sells halal meat in Oldham, was slaughtering

chickens by slitting their throats with a knife, without stunning them.

Brian Clay was ordered to pay £4,800 in fines and costs. Frank Clay faces

£2,100 in fines and costs and Yusuf £2,500.