Detectable paper launched by Detectamet
Published:  19 January, 2016

In an effort to reduce the risk of contaminating food with paper, Detectamet has developed a detectable paper.

Made using a patented method of combining paper and film in a detectable and durable laminate, the new product can be used to make printed instructions, recording of process activities and special labels. It is hoped Detectable Paper will help reduce the risk of expensive emergency product recall.

Allowing tailor-made print material to be produced on-site, Detectamet Detectable Paper has been created to be strong and durable, and highly resistant to tearing and damage from water and grease. It can be die-cut, perforated, embossed and glued like any standard paper and requires no special inks or toners to produce high-quality printed material on common printing systems.

This 120gsm paper is available in A4 and US letter formats and custom sheet sizes can be produced in smaller quantities. Pack sizes of 25, 50 and 100 sheets are available. It is also able to be cut into custom shapes.

James Chrismas, Detectamet managing director, said: “It feels like a good quality uncoated paper and it prints so easily on standard printing equipment. We have already received enquiries from food producers and food retailers who have identified a unique use for detectable paper in their business and the safe production of their branded products.”