Butcher's plea for more wild rabbits
Published:  13 March, 2007

A Bletchley-based butcher has received a good response after placing an ad in the local paper asking for people to supply him with dead wild rabbits as he can not keep up with customer demand.

Malcolm Driver (pictured), from DP Clarke butchers Queensway, near Milton Keynes, said he was only interested in taking wild rabbits from those who are licensed to shoot them.

Since placing the unusual ad in the paper, which read 'wild rabbits required', Malcolm said he had received much media attention which had resulted in increased numbers of wild rabbits being brought into the shop.

"I have sold 80 extra rabbits since Friday last week and they all went during Saturday and Sunday morning," Malcolm said.

He added he was due to receive another couple of 100 rabbits yesterday.

"I've always sold wild rabbit. I can sell 500 a week and in the last six to seven months I have got busier with them," he said.

Malcolm attributed the increased interest in wild rabbit to a growing multi-cultural society and changes in what consumers choose to eat.

"People are realising that rabbit meat is low fat, tender, very tasty - and a cheap option.

"I certainly remember my mum baking rabbit pies, and they tasted superb," he said.

He sells three ready-skinned rabbits for £5 and will pay his suppliers £1.50 each for them.

Malcolm said: "They are mainly from farmers or from people that manage golf courses or people who have shot rabbits on their own land.

"I don't touch roadkill and I certainly would never contemplate tame rabbits."