AHDB Beef & Lamb refuses £50k funding for Ladies in Beef
Published:  27 January, 2016

AHDB Beef & Lamb has turned down a £50,000 proposal to fund work by Ladies in Beef in the coming financial year. 

The proposal included £25,000 for core publicity costs and £25,000 for consumer campaign Save Our Sucklers (SOS), but after discussing plans at a meeting, the board decided it was better value for money to use in-house resources where applicable.

Instead, the levy board, has offered help in-kind from existing in-house resource, including communications, resource production and marketing, to help cut external spend by the group.

Adam Quinney, chair of the AHDB Beef & Lamb board, said: “It was felt by the board that we could offer better value for money by supporting in-kind with expertise through our communications know-how rather than specifically allocating levy spend to the campaign.

“Our approach to this kind of request needs to be consistent and we have already changed the way we support the Mutton Renaissance campaign, for example, by bringing support in-house rather than using levy funds to pay an agency to do it.

“As with any other investment, the beef and lamb board must demonstrate return on this investment, while also being transparent about exactly where beef and lamb levy is being spent.

“We have a huge amount of talent in our organisation, offering a wide skillset across communications, technical and marketing. We believe it is through this we can add most value to Ladies in Beef. This might include activities like communications support, help in producing resources and ensuring the group’s activity aligns with our current campaigns.

“We already have significant promotional activity to support the beef industry using levy funds, including the beef mini roast campaign, which features prominent TV advertising to showcase beef to consumers across the UK.”

AHDB Beef & Lamb is to meet with Ladies in Beef in the coming weeks to discuss where support can most effectively be used and a board member has been appointed to act as a dedicated point of contact for the group.