Edgware welcomes new kosher butcher
Published:  29 February, 2016

The Jewish community of Edgware, north London, is set to get a new kosher butcher arriving on Mowbray Parade imminently, thanks to Australian-born Yitzchok Kleerekoper. 

The butchery business, named Pulkele which means chicken drumstick in Yiddish, will operate under the kosher certification mark of British organisation The Federation of Synagogues, which already certifies several other kosher butchers, restaurants, bakeries and fishmongers in London and Manchester.

The Kosher Federation (KF) certification label has been in operation for many years. Last year it launched a new sub-certification, KF Mehadrin, which caters to a market that seeks greater stringencies in the way the kosher meat is prepared.

Although Kleerekoper has been living in the UK for over two decades, his training as a kosher butcher began in his native Melbourne while still in his early teens.

Aside from working in stores in London, Kleerekoper regularly travels to the Netherlands to supervise ritual preparation of kosher meat for the Jewish community there. Pulkele is the first butcher’s establishment he will own and run himself.

Pork is forbidden to kosher consumers, although beef, lamb and poultry are all on the menu. For meat to be kosher, it must be slaughtered ritually – in a humane process known as shechita – and soaked and salted to remove all the blood before it can be consumed.

Kleerekoper believes his international experience will bring an additional flare to his business: “In addition to the enhancements to the way my kosher meat and poultry is prepared, my store is unique in terms of the experience I bring to it,” he said.

“I have worked in the US and I am familiar with the American terms for different cuts of meat – many Jewish shoppers are inspired by recipes for traditional dishes coming over from the US Jewish community and this will be very helpful for them. I also know how to prepare meat cuts the way it’s done on the European continent.”