Meat adulteration webinar fast approaching
Published:  17 March, 2016

It’s less than one week to Meat Trades Journal’s webinar on meat adulteration. 

Taking place on 22 March at 2pm GMT, some of the industry’s top experts will discuss the prevention of meat adulteration and what part technology plays in the process.

It will also consider the latest innovations in traceability, testing and detection to eradicate adulteration in the context of a global supply network.

Taking in all elements of meat adulteration and contamination across the supply chain, the webinar features speakers Dr Angus Knight, director of food safety and product integrity at Leatherhead Food Research; Eoghan Daly, policy and technical advisor (Food) at The Institute of Food Safety Integrity & Protection; Helen Grundy, a protein scientist at Fera Science; and Rick Sanderson, chief commercial officer at
Authenticate IS.

The webinar is moderated by deputy editor of Meat Trades Journal Aidan Fortune.

Following their presentations, our panel of food experts will also be on hand to answer your questions on the meat supply chain and how adulteration can be prevented. To submit a question to our panel, email aidan.fortune@wrbm.com or do so via Twitter on @MTJ_tweet by using #MTJadulteratedmeat.

More details on the Adulterated Meat: Testing, Detection, and Elimination webinar, sponsored by Authenticate IS, are also available here.