Half price temptation for butchers
Published:  23 April, 2007

A leading manufacturer of marinades, glazes, seasonings, coatings and sauces is targeting butchers a with a half price promotion.

The Manchester Rusk Company Limited (MRC), said it is looking to reward existing customers and tempt new businesses to try its range.

The special half price promotional pack consists of six boxes of Flava-it? sachets, one of each variety, shrinkwrapped together, with each box containing 12 sachets.

The varieties of marinades on offer are Chinese Style, Barbeque, Hot & Spicy, Garden Mint and Tikka Masala as well as a delicious Peppersteak Coater. The marinades are simple to use, come with easy to follow instructions on the pack and marinate or coat enough meat or poultry for four people.

Marketing manager Julie Nyunt said: "At this time of year butchers can really add value to sales by being able to offer good quality products alongside their meat offering. This is a great opportunity for butchers who don't currently take Flava-it? to try it at a very cost effective price."