Take part in Meat Trades Journal’s Green Survey
Published:  04 April, 2016

The industry has its chance to have its say on environmental issues, thanks to the annual Meat Trades Journal Green Survey.

Environmental impact, production methods and consumption are all big issues for the meat industry, and are tackled in the survey.

In last year’s Green Survey, 100% of respondents said they were taking steps to reduce their environmental impact, up from 74% on 2011 when the survey was previously compiled.

It also found that 48% said environmental credentials were “very important” to their business and that reducing energy consumption (34% of respondents) was the most popular method of cutting environmental impact.

In terms of consumption, the survey found that 66% of those surveyed were concerned that more people would eat less meat on environmental grounds while 52% believed consumers would pay higher prices for meat that was produced more sustainably. Under three-quarters (72%) believed that lower meat consumption would not reduce environmental impact.

To take this year’s Meat Trades Journal’s Green Survey, click here.