Irish consumers shift from pork to turkey bacon
Published:  20 April, 2016

There’s less pork on the fork in Irish consumers’ breakfasts as people turn to lean, low-salt food items in the morning, according to a Bord Bía report on eating habits. 

The new study from Ireland’s food body Bord Bía has shone a light on the eating habits of Irish consumers during breakfast and found that health is a key consideration for breakfast choices.

The study of 2,700 adults and 800 children revealed that almost one in four consumers in Ireland (23%) have made changes to their breakfast diet to become healthier.

“People are looking for ‘permissible pleasures’ that make it easier for them to cut down on certain foods such as a healthier variant of their favourites, such as turkey rashers instead of traditional pork rashers,” said Paula Donoghue, Bord Bía’s consumer insight manager, commenting on the research.

Donoghue added that the research indicated parents in the breakfast survey were “concerned” about the level of sugar and salt in children’s breakfast options.

“Many claim that they would like to see more low-sugar and -salt options, which would ease their concerns and still be attractive to children,” added Donoghue.

Another trend to have emerged from the research is the rise of what Bord Bía describes as the ‘al desko’ breakfast – as the name suggests, it’s eating breakfast in the office. The research found that many people are commuting longer into work, so tend to eat breakfast in the office, rather than waking up earlier to eat at home.

The research, known as the ‘Breakfast Club’ initiative by Bord Bía, analysed consumer attitudes to breakfast and the board said it hoped the research would help the industry innovate breakfasts and provide direction on branding and marketing.