Cutting-edge charcuterie with Charlie Turnbull
Published:  27 April, 2016

Charlie Turnbull is the acclaimed owner of Shaftesbury’s finest deli, Turnbulls, and gave his top tips to a packed food show crowd on how to assemble an eye-catching charcuterie counter. 

At the Foodex trade show in Birmingham, Charlie Turnbull spoke about the need to transform the everyday staple of charcuterie into a true crowd-pleaser that adds value to a range of meat-stocking retailers. Producers in the UK needed to “drop the European names” of charcuterie, like bresaola and prosciutto cotto, in favour of British-sounding names to boost sales, he said.

He added that butchers had a strong advantage in producing high-quality charcuterie over rivals in farm shops and delis because of the intrinsic knowledge they have on animal breeds and cuts.

Watch our interview with the chief of charcuterie below.