Pig industry invited to attend regional forums
Published:  05 May, 2016

Industry levy board AHDB Pork is inviting pig producers and members of the industry to attend a series of regional forums to discuss concerns within the trade. 

Attendees at the open meetings will be able to provide direct input to proposed technical activity and feedback on the quality and relevance of the work carried out by AHDB Pork.

Main objectives are:
• To discuss how to improve key performance indicators for closing the physical pig performance gap in the region
• To get feedback on AHDB Pork knowledge transfer activity and collect new ideas
• To achieve better coordination within the regions and work more effectively with other businesses to avoid duplication

“These meetings give everybody a chance to have some input into the work of the organisation,” said AHDB Pork knowledge exchange lead Steve Winfield. “Everybody is welcome to attend and we are interested in all shades of opinion – nobody has a monopoly on good ideas.”

The forums are on:
- 18 May, at the Solstice Park Holiday Inn, near Stonehenge, starting at 4:00pm, contact KE Manager Ben Golledge on 07583 170 941
- 24 May at the Bridge Hotel, Walshford, Wetherby, at 4:00pm, contact KE Manager Richard Bows on 07816 941 223
- 14 June, at Denny Bros, Bury St Edmunds, starting at 2:00pm, contact KE Manager Andrew Palmer on 07976 443 454.