Q Guild to ‘name and shame’
Published:  06 May, 2016

The Q Guild has threatened to ‘name and shame’ butchers using its logo fraudulently. 

The logo, which is a fully-registered trademark of the Q Guild, has been found to be used by non-members.

Q Guild manager Gordon Newlands said it was damaging the Q Guild reputation. “It is frustrating that some sub-standard butchers are using this without actually being a member and we will now look at naming and shaming them on social media and publicise on our websites who are frauds and are not members of the Guild,” he said. “The shops range from ex-members and butchers who have never been members. It clearly states in the regulations when you leave that all reference to the Q Guild is removed.”

Newlands said he had been in contact with Trading Standards over the matter. “I have contacted six different Trading Standards authorities over the past five months to complain that some butchers are using the Q Guild logo fraudulently but they do not have enough in the budget to actually follow it up. For a business to use or display any of our details while not a member is a contravention of the Trades Descriptions Act. We will also look at charging them for the usage of the logo.”

He added that businesses fraudulently displaying the Q Guild logo should remove it before being named online.

“All reference to the Q Guild (or The Guild of Q Butchers) must be removed from all aspects of your business, including posters, leaflets, signage, wrapping materials, bags, carriers, stationery, vehicles, and reference to the Q Guild on your website. I would not wish to name these businesses at the moment as we are in the process of gathering physical evidence to back our claim. If they wish to join the Q Guild, by all means contact the Q Guild manager or the Q Guild admin.”