AHDB Pork unveils pig industry app
Published:  10 May, 2016

AHDB Pork has launched a new interactive app, ‘Think BioRisk’, to help prevent disease in the pig industry. 

Launched at this year’s British Pig & Poultry Fair, the app is designed to be used by anyone who steps onto a pig unit and its interactive video scenarios demonstrate best-practice pig production and common mistakes.

Martin Smith, AHDB Pork’s veterinary manager, explained the importance of understanding and implementing best farming practices: “All units should be working towards, or maintaining, a high herd health status because poor disease management costs money and could prove disastrous for the British pig industry in the case of a disease outbreak.

“However, when busy, we understand that it’s easy for everyone to become wrapped up in day-to-day activities and, as other priorities take hold, key risks with regard to herd health are often overlooked.”

The ‘Think BioRisk’ app has been developed to highlight the importance of not overlooking certain factors that may impact on pig health through biosecurity breaches.

“By helping people understand the weak spots, we hope we can promote better long-term protection of our pig health and the industry,” he said. “Whenever users see an example of a health risk or bad biosecurity, they have to click the mouse. It’s a bit like the hazard perception part of a driving test. And, on completion, full feedback is provided on both good and bad practice portrayed in the videos.

“Some examples of the training modules include: visitors, vehicles, movements of people and livestock, pest control, medicine management and deadstock collection.

“Everyone wants healthy high-performing livestock. Regardless of your farm set-up, there will be small changes that can be made to significantly reduce the risk of introducing or spreading pig diseases,” Martin concluded.

The ‘Think BioRisk’ app can be downloaded at thinkbiorisk.pork.ahdb.org.uk