Success for Unbar Rothon’s new range
Published:  11 May, 2016

As part of its 95th anniversary celebrations, seasonings and marinades supplier Unbar Rothon has extended its range of products and services. 

Its Lean Blending Service generates the precise blends required and delivers individual packs (anything between 100g and 25 kilos) to the customer, minimising the use of storage space. Operational costs, including storing, picking, weighing and blending a multiplicity of minor ingredients are also avoided. Company director Richard Rothon said the new service has already been welcomed by the industry.

“The new Lean Blending Service from Unbar Rothon has been very well received, particularly because customers have recognised that the company shoulders the technical and legislative burdens – and both butchers and manufacturers have been impressed with the quality. It is proving a real business builder,” he said.

“We have streamlined the process so customers no longer have to blend their own seasonings. That reduces the dangers of cross contamination and our batch-packing service is a further benefit that reduces the associated risks even further.”

On the new flavours front, he said existing customers had applauded the quality, particularly of the Sweet Orange and Tart Cranberry and a second new range extension, Savoury Leek and Black Pepper.

“Word of mouth is building this side of the business, thanks mainly to recommendations from existing customers,” he added.

The company also announced plans to further expand the team to efficiently handle growing business.