Halal Food Authority condemns Britain First following slaughterhouse visit
Published:  11 May, 2016

The Halal Food Authority (HFA) is considering action against political party Britain First following a visit to a halal meat business. 

In a video published on the Britain First website, the party’s deputy leader Jayda Fransen entered Romford Halal Meats in Upminster. According to the HFA, Fransen and her team made “distressing, religiously aggravated and hate-provoking comments against faith-based method of slaughter” and described halal slaughter as “barbaric, disgusting and immoral”. In the video, Fransen is also seen accusing the halal slaughter business of funding terrorism.

The HFA confirmed that Romford Halal Meats is fully compliant with EC Regulation EC1099/2009 and is a HFA-certified slaughterhouse that uses reversible head-only stunning for halal slaughter.

The certification board is currently “considering appropriate strong actions” against Britain First, in an effort to “send out a clear message that such baseless allegations, irresponsible accusations and politically driven agenda shall never be tolerated and rights of Muslims, their beliefs and religious freedom shall always be prioritised and protected at national and international level and any derogatory remarks about halal slaughter shall be taken extremely seriously”. It is presently consulting experts and shall also be producing an ‘impact statement’ on the incident.