Butcher's Crimewatch appeal
Published:  10 July, 2007

A Bromley butcher who was subject to a dramtatic robbery is hoping that Crimewatch will help catch the theives.

On 23 April two men stole about £2,500 in cash from J W C Sperring & Sons in Southborough Lane, Bromley, Kent.

"It was an opportunist thing," said Jim, "normally I don't have that kind of money in the shop but I was planning to take it to the bank.

"We also normally close the back gate but someone distracted me and I didn't shut it.

"Two lads came in and got the money, I noticed something wasn't right so I ran after them."

Jim chased the two men to their car and attempted to retrieve his briefcase through the driver's window but they drove away and he was dragged by the vehicle for 500 metres.

The driver tried to crush him against parked cars until he eventually let go and the car sped off.

"They had my bag in a stationary car so I grabbed it but got dragged for a bit," said Jim.

"There was no major harm done, just a couple of scratches, and I managed to get some of the money back through my insurance."

Jim has been told that the men appear to have committed several other crimes in the area.

"The police have put their details out but no one has recognised them so far," he said.

"Apparently the police have been involved in a couple of Crimewatch appeals and they normally produce good results so hopefully someone will come forward."

Anyone with information about the robbery can call Crimestoppers anonymously anytime on 0800 555 111 or contact the Metropolitan Police incident room on 020 8284 9965.