AHDB highlights opportunities in halal sector
Published:  19 May, 2016

The Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) Beef & Lamb sector has recognised the growing domestic market for halal sheep as presenting a significant opportunity for the industry. 

The levy board will help Muslim consumers understand different cuts and how best to cook them this summer at the Big John’s Birmingham Mela event on 31 July at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham.

This follows in the footsteps of the Muslim Lifestyle Show, which took place in London earlier this month at London Olympia. This saw AHDB Beef & Lamb host a similar cookery and butchery demonstration to showcase different cuts for consumers to look out for when shopping.

“The halal market is growing and represents an excellent opportunity for the industry, especially the sheep sector,” said Dr Phil Hadley, AHDB Beef & Lamb head of global supply chain development. “After a very successful presence at the Muslim Lifestyle Show, the Mela festival in Birmingham will provide another platform to highlight home-grown lamb to halal consumers.”

According to AHDB Beef & Lamb, around 20% of all sheep meat sold in England is purchased by Muslim consumers, with it peaking around the Eid and Ramadan festivals.

“Our presence at these events is part of AHDB Beef & Lamb’s wider activity to highlight the role the halal sector has to play in supporting the sheep meat and beef industry,” added Hadley.

“We are also conducting consumer research to examine attitudes and decision-making among Muslim customers when purchasing meat. It will help us focus future activity on supporting the sector, underlining our commitment to developing opportunities for halal and maximising opportunities for the entire supply chain.”