Sausage Sizzle raises money for Farm Africa
Published:  03 June, 2016

Year 3 students at a London School raised £314 for Farm Africa after selling sausages donated by local butcher’s Jones the Butchers on Dulwich Road. 

Pupils at St Jude’s C of E Primary School in South London decided to raise money following a letter exchange with children at a school in Nairobi, which is being supported by Farm Africa.

“Class 3 were inspired to do a fundraiser for Farm Africa as part of our school curriculum linked to the government’s British Values scheme, which is about helping children to understand how things work, and how to challenge and change them for the better,” said Daisy Ross, the class teacher.

“The children decided to do a Sausage Sizzle as they thought it would be an exciting way to raise money for the charity. They are excited about enabling people in less fortunate areas of the world to lead healthier lives and it’s a very empowering feeling for them to be doing something to make a difference.”

According to Farm Africa, school dinners are the main daily meal for many pupils in Nairobi. However, this often lacks the range of well-balanced nutrients that they need, leading to further health issues.

“These kinds of charity-focused events are what we are all about as a school,” commented deputy head teacher David Winn. “We want to teach our pupils about doing the right thing and we think it’s important that global issues are brought to their attention so they can develop an understanding of what life is like for children in other countries.”