Square Pie gets political
Published:  06 June, 2016

London-based Square Pie has launched two special Brexit-themed pies in time for the EU referendum, one ‘In’ and one ‘Out’. 

According to the company, the British public should stop thinking with their head or their heart and start thinking with their stomach instead.

Consumers have the option of voting ‘Out’ by going with the classic British beef, vegetables and home-brewed ale version.

For those who want to vote ‘In’, they can go with the sausage combination pie, with Toulouse, chorizo, Bratwurst and pepperoni in an Italian sauce.

“The level of debate over Brexit has been pretty low level so we thought it was time to raise the standard with some top-notch food,” said Martin Dewey, founder of Square Pie.

“Let’s hope pies are as accurate for Brexit as the Octopus was for football. Whichever of these beauties wins, we don’t expect it to impact house prices. Enjoy.”