Compact X-ray fat analyser helps meat sector
Published:  16 June, 2016

Analytical solution company Foss has announced the launch of the MeatMaster II C – a compact version of the MeatMaster II X-ray analyser for fat analysis and foreign object detection. 

At 1.5 metres, the MeatMaster II C is almost a whole metre shorter than the standard MeatMaster II and has been designed to fit into tight spaces. It has the capability of measuring meat in boxes and trays, blocks of frozen meat and larger meat cuts such as pork bellies and hams.

The new smaller version of the device provides meat producers with a broader choice of X-ray solutions.

Aside from the more compact features, all aspects of the installation of the machine have been optimised.

Foss’s local experts can completely install the X-ray analyser within a few days using a supplied calibration. New features include multi-language interfaces and process control software allowing for fully automated control of batches, and the mechanism has been designed for an easy cleaning process.

The Foss MeatMaster first introduced X-ray analysis into the meat industry in 2003. Today, there are more than 200 installations of MeatMasters around the world.

The X-ray technology provides a 100% scanning of all meat, no matter what the size of the pieces and whether or not they are fresh or frozen-packed in sealed plastic or cardboard boxes. It is typically used to control fat content in raw meat trimmings, subsequently avoiding lean meat giveaway.

Software also allows for automatic grading of pork belly cuts for bacon production or selection of pork legs for dry ham production, which can save money.