Brexit: A shout for going out
Published:  16 June, 2016

So we are nearly there, the big vote after months of lies and tosh on both sides. From my own personal point of view I'm an outer as rightly or wrongly I consider the whole EU construct to be nothing more than a virtual tyranny without the arms. 

Multinationals rule the roost and ordinary punters like us can go whistle. Democratic voices forcibly silenced and countries futures ruined at the behest of Merkel et al. Then comes Cameron a few months ago saying "if I don't get my way in renegotiations (he didn’t) the UK can exist just fine outside EU"; now it would be Armageddon. Feel cheated? I do. Charlatans

OK rant over so now down to the practical implications of Brexit if it happens.

Trade first. Will there be tariffs on UK exports? Highly unlikely anything will change as can you imagine the Germans screwing their motor industry exports to UK or the Dutch and Danes whose pork industry pretty well depends on the UK supermarkets. I don't see it whatever the useless politicians on the in side keep telling us.

Regulatory. Nothing will change for export plants as the importing countries already make the rules.

For non-export abattoirs however there could be a significant benefit in relaxation of the current disproportionate rules and heavy handed controls although the way FSA currently gold plates EU meat controls is also a bit of a concern. As an example why do we need OVs all day every day and then have to pay FSA well above the market rate for them? What benefit have OVs ever conferred on public health or animal welfare? Experience tells us very little at all. There's also the interesting question of EU workers - would they be able to freely move into the UK to work, or be more likely to be subject to a points based system as has been proposed. That wouldn't only impact staff working in the meat sector, but also, of course, your beloved OVs!

Farmers are worried about support and rightly so but I don't see the UK government slashing payments any more than I see the present EU payments surviving intact as it's bust and when the Euro bites the dust there will have to be a complete rehash anyway so it will all be up for grabs. Then there’s the currency which inners say will collapse. Well that would boost exports, raise livestock prices and inflate away the national debt faster. Armageddon?

So all in all after all these years since 1975 when we voted for one thing and got another I'm ready for us standing on our own two feet whatever the doomsters say. People want cast iron guarantees, which they will never get, in or out. We are the fifth biggest economy in the world and it would be the EU that would be stuffed and not us. A personal view of course and probably wrong but no more so than all the flash economists who missed the crash!”