Locally sourced meat isn't rocket science
Published:  23 June, 2016

Ruth CousinsLocally sourced meat in local shops doesn’t sound like rocket science however it is not an opportunity that is often seized in convenience stores. We spoke to shoppers and 39% said that locally produced fresh meat is an important determining factor when choosing to visit that store. So why aren’t more stores doing it?

Locally sourced produce is important to shoppers as it stands for a number of positive things amongst communities. As we continue to see the slow death of the UK high street shoppers are becoming increasingly sympathetic to the impact it has had on local businesses.

As shoppers see their local store support other local businesses a sense of comradery amongst communities is created and ultimately encourages them to revisit.  

Butchers and retailers building a reliable and strong relationship with one another is key to getting locally sourced meat to shoppers. The relationship is one that should be built on retailers communicating the needs of their shoppers and in turn butchers having the right stock available.

Delivery times should be flexible as weather will often play a factor on the rate in which barbeque meats such as burgers and sausages are purchased.

A commonly shared feeling amongst c-store shoppers is that the quality of fresh food across all fresh categories could be improved. Fresh meat is no exception. Only 14% of c-store shoppers consider the quality of fresh meat at their local convenience store as ‘outstanding’. Much of this can be down to the perception of poor quality associated with independent convenience stores (be this based on fact or fiction, quite often perception is all it takes!). Working closely with a local butcher to provide quality meat is a solution that can gain immediate credibility and trust in the product. Local convenience retailers stocking what shoppers can easily recognise as good quality meat, sourced locally from a nearby butcher is certain to boost the sense of trust they have in the overall store.