The right person for the job
Published:  23 June, 2016

Gary SimpsonAs everyone in the retail sector of our industry is fully aware, probably the most challenging part of running a business is finding the right personnel. 

If they are new to the industry then they have to want to do it as a career and want to learn. If not, concentrate your efforts on people who want to do the job.

If they have been in the industry already, they need to adapt to your vision. When it’s your business you have to do what’s right for your business. If they want to progress and learn new ways then these are the ones who will become key members and these are the ones you can concentrate on developing further.

Once you have identified the people who are going to help you progress your business, it should always be the ones who ‘buy into your ideas’. It’s become more apparent to me personally that training from within and promoting from within is an essential part of any successful operation.

At present I have 34 employees and six outlets. In an ideal world I would love to have enough staff so I could spend more time with individuals on a one-to-one basis and in small groups. You can employ apprentices or experienced staff but, every one of us are still learning new ideas and should never stop.

The saying goes ‘you’re only as good as your staff’; so if you’re not happy with them then it’s time to take a look at your business and ask if they’re getting the right training, if any at all?