Sheep industry “needs young blood”, says NSA
Published:  30 June, 2016

The National Sheep Association (NSA) has highlighted the importance of securing the future of the sheep industry. 

To help protect the future, the association has set up the NSA Next Generation project to inspire young people and give them practical skills. One initiative in achieving this is thorough the Young Shepherd of the Year competition.

“With an ageing work force and many farmers not having a clear view of their business succession plans, initiatives such as NSA Next Generation are vital,” said Phil Stocker, NSA chief executive. “The sheep industry needs young blood, new ideas and the energy to keep up with an evolving market place.

“NSA Next Generation is helping to promote the great opportunities available for younger sheep farmers and new entrants, and NSA Sheep 2016 will showcase this via a dedicated area for young people.”

Competitions such as the Young Shepherd of the Year help young members of the industry to highlight the level of their skills.