Wham Bam Lamb campaign from Quality Meat Scotland
Published:  01 August, 2016

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) is set to launch a new advertising campaign for Scotch Lamb PGI. 

This year’s “Wham Bam Lamb” campaign, which focuses on how simple and quick it is to cook delicious, nutritious mid-week family meals with Scotch Lamb, will include billboard, press and radio advertising as well as online and in-store activity including sampling activity by Scotch “Lambassadors” in selected stores across the country.

The promotion is set to reach more than 88% of Scottish adults and builds on last year’s campaign which boosted retail sales of fresh lamb in Scotland by 8%.

Laurent Vernet, head of marketing at QMS, said a key objective of the 2016 campaign will be to encourage consumers to understand the versatility, simplicity and speed of cooking with lamb.

“We want to encourage our target market – young professionals and busy working parents – to make Scotch Lamb PGI a more regular purchase by tempting them with nutritious dishes which can be cooked in half an hour or less.

“Scotch Lamb PGI as a brand is recognised by 81% of the Scottish population. However, there is still the perception by some that lamb is slow to cook and is just for roasting at the weekend. We therefore have a huge opportunity to raise the profile of lamb as a fast, simple and delicious meal option.”

Recipe leaflets and other point-of-sale materials will also be distributed via the members of the Scotch Butchers Club, run by QMS.

A range of new recipe videos for online and social media use, created in simple steps using short, fast-motion videos which are optimised for Facebook, will also be launched in August.