Poultry producers renews fleet to meet demand
Published:  09 August, 2016

Faccenda Foods has said it will renew its fleet of delivery trucks at one of its main distribution centres in an effort to keep up with growing demand for British meat. 

According to the producer, orders from supermarkets have been stronger than ever. To meet this demand, it is boosting logistics operations based at its Telford processing plant, which underwent a multi-million pound extension last year.

The company will now see a delivery of 29 Volvo tractor units, supplied by Indelease, help boost business.

“Demand for our British chicken portions has increased markedly over the last couple of years,” said Ian Ashley, head of transport at Faccenda Foods.

“It seems the public still prefers products that have been produced in the UK and that’s great for our business. Our delivery operation is growing all the time and we’re keen to ensure it’s both fit-for-purpose and ready to meet the future demands of our expanding business.”

The contract is worth £3 million and includes both fleet management and maintenance.

“This is a deal which enables us to replace some older trucks and add others to create a modern, safe, fuel-efficient fleet,” added Ashley.

“It gives us full control of our entire distribution process and means we’ll no longer use periodic rental or spot hire to meet peaks in demand. We do have a previous relationship with Indelease, but this is the first time they’ve won our business to supply and maintain our trucks.

“They came up with the right deal at the right price and a service agreement that meets our requirement perfectly. They’ve jumped through hoops for us to get this right and I’m confident it’s the best possible deal.”

The first of the new vehicles was delivered this week, while the rest will arrive before the end of the month.

“Faccenda is a huge company that operates throughout the UK, so we are delighted to have won the deal to supply and maintain their new trucks,” commented Indelease’s managing director Juliet Smith.

“It’s a very significant deal for us and great testament to our credibility that such a highly respected business has such confidence in us. We’re a very ambitious company and are investing heavily in our future.”