‘Funky’ Chook Chook poultry brand hits Northern Ireland
Published:  16 August, 2016

HK Dickey of Cullybackey, near Ballymena in Co Antrim, has introduced Chook Chook, a ‘funky’ new poultry range into the market. 

Targeted at retailers in particular, Chook Chook has been developed to help set HK Dickey apart from competition.

“The new Chook Chook brand gives us a personality and a way to talk to customers that we haven’t tried before,” said managing director Wesley Dickey.

“We want to expand the strong business we already have for fresh and cooked chicken by means of this new brand and additional products we are planning.”

The small business also provides chicken-based products including sweet and sour chicken, coq au vin, chicken Florida, breaded chicken products, chicken curry and chicken bake to the market. The products are created from boneless and skinless low-fat products by hand.

To help move the company forward, HK Dickey has teamed up with Northern Irish chef and restaurant owner Andy Rea to develop new restaurant-quality products – which are developed from the company’s own poultry.

“We have carried out a tremendous amount of market research and now have so many ideas that we want to bring to market,” added Dickey.

“This is just the start of something really important developing in our industry – going back to our roots. We are also passionate about supporting local farmers, raising chickens and appreciating the superb food we can produce here in Northern Ireland.

“We hope the new Chook Chook retail brand will be appreciated by consumers as something completely different. It’s a contemporary brand identity.”