First wagyu steak shop opens in Scotland
Published:  22 August, 2016

The first UK steak retailer dedicated to wagyu beef has been launched in Stirling, Scotland with an opening ceremony attended a by a string of leading chefs. 

Wagyu House is the new venture from husband-and-wife team of Mohsin Altajir and Martine Chapman, the couple behind pedigree beef company Highland Wagyu.

Those attending the launch included restaurateur Albert Roux OBE and chefs Tom Kitchin, Pierre Koffmann and Shaun Whatling.

Wagyu House will sell wagyu beef products at prices ranging from £10 to £1,000 per kg, including a full repertoire of sirloin, ribeye and a fillet steaks. Customers can even select the number of days to dry age their beef in the store’s dry-aging chambers, which use Himalayan rock salt.

“When we set up Highland Wagyu five years ago we knew chefs would be interested, but we didn’t anticipate such an overwhelming demand from the private market,”  said Altajir.

“We want to bring wagyu to the masses and let people know about its different grades and different tastes. There is wagyu to suit every tastebud and every pocket.”

Wagyu House stocks beef from across the wagyu spectrum – from the highest grade Japanese Kobe beef to specialist Australian cross-breeds. All the meat used is processed within a five-mile radius. The store will also serve wagyu beef takeaway meals, and is planning to launch an e-commerce platform.

Wagyu is recognised globally as a leading type of steak, and a wagyu cross was crowned steak of the year at World Steak Challenge, an event launched by our sister title, GlobalMeatNews.

The World Steak Challenge is still open for entries from anyone who believes they produce the best sirloin steak in the world.