AHDB review sheds light on key industry research projects
Published:  31 August, 2016

As part of its second research and development review, the Beef & Lamb sector of the Agriculture and Development Board (AHDB) has highlighted the projects funded by its levy over the past 12 months. 

Around 25 initiatives are funded by AHDB Beef & Lamb each year covering five key areas. The principal areas of research are: health and welfare, nutrition, genetics, meat quality and sustainable systems of production. The board also funds a number of PhD projects.

“The aim of the research AHDB Beef & Lamb undertakes is to produce practical outcomes that can be adopted by the industry,” said Dr Liz Genever, Beef & Lamb senior scientist at AHDB.

“The R&D review is a good opportunity to tell levy payers about the breadth of work we are involved in and show how their money is being spent.”

This edition of the R&D review highlights the importance of maximising forage in ewe diets and the impact of the beef feed efficiency programme as examples of significant work currently being undertaken.

“Work by AHDB Beef & Lamb covers all aspects of beef cattle and sheep production, with the aim of improving efficiencies for the beef and sheep sector,” added Adam Quinney, Beef & Lamb sector chair.

“As a levy payer and board chairman, the review is an easy way to gain an overview of research carried out in the key areas of production.”

Quinney also noted it was an “interesting” time in agricultural research with the influence of the Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL) starting to take effect. There is a trend towards knowledge partnership in the sector, he added, which means research is more fully integrated and knowledge more efficiently transferred to the benefit of the whole industry.

The review also sheds light on AHDB’s partnership with the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants to deliver professional development to consultants and advisers who want to deepen their beef expertise.