BPHS changes shouldn’t impact producers
Published:  12 September, 2016

Changes are taking place at the British Pig Health Scheme (BPHS), but producers who use the service should see no difference. 

The contract for BPHS assessments has moved from Vetscore to HallMark following a re-tendering process carried out by AHDB Pork.

AHDB Pork Veterinary team manager Martin Smith said: “Vetscore has done an excellent job for which we are extremely grateful.

“However, AHDB regularly reviews all its contracts and this one was re-tendered to ensure we continue to get good value for money for the levy payer. The result was that HallMark won.

“The BPHS service will continue during the handover period and producers should notice no difference.

“HallMark brings a wealth of experience to work of this sort and will provide a quality service for producers.”