Black pudding enthusiasts unite on the continent
Published:  22 September, 2016

Managing director of the Real Lancashire Black Pudding Co, Andrew Holt, last week met with a selection of other ‘blood sausage’ producers dedicated to promoting the product throughout Europe. 

Meeting with a 15-strong contingency of Les Chevaliers, also known as the Knights of the Black Pudding, the visit was hosted by Fleischermeister Franz Dormayer, who is considered to be the best Bludwurst maker in Austria.

“I was privileged to be invited by my great friend Franz and to work with his son Markus,” said Holt. “It is good to meet with other producers and to compare notes.”

As part of the visit, delegates were treated to a factory tour by renowned Viennese sausages and cooked meats producer Radatz, which Holt claimed was “an amazing experience”.

Celebrating the opening evening of the ‘The sausage festival’, held in Vienna, Holt had the opportunity to showcase the Lancashire Black Pudding, which he said went down well among the Austrian public.