British charcuterie range launched by Eversfield Organic
Published:  10 October, 2016

Devon-based Eversfield Organic has launched what it has called an “exciting” range of all-British organic charcuterie. 

The Roam & Relish range is made up of 12 organic charcuterie products, made with meat from Eversfield Organic’s cow and pig herd in Devon. All products are available nationwide, with online retailer Ocado and Whole Foods Market stocking the organic meat range.

The range is also available at a number of select delis across the country, but can also be bought direct on Eversfield Organic’s website for prices from £3.85-£4.97.

Organic salt beef, roast topside and mustard, alongside unsmoked streaky bacon and honey-smoked steak bacon all feature in the 12-strong grass-fed meat range. The Roam & Relish smoked ham is cold-smoked over oak logs and matured on the bone to make it succulent and tender with a smokey flavour, according to the company.

The beef comes from Eversfield Organic’s pedigree herd of grass-fed Aberdeen Angus cattle. The cows are among the last native ones left in the world and Eversfield is a member of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, which allows the business to make beef from the rare cattle species. Pork comes from a Landrace-cross Duroc sow and large white boar – this produces Eversfield’s award-winning organic back and streaky bacon. All meat is certified by the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association – a body that monitors livestock is fed entirely on grass throughout its life.

“Although most charcuterie sold in the UK is imported from Spain, France and Italy, Eversfield Organic believes Britain has everything it needs to create exceptionally good charcuterie, rivalling the best Europe has to offer,” the company said in a statement.

The full range
Organic Salt Beef (£3.85 for 90g)
Organic Pastrami (£3.85 for 90g)
Organic Roast Topside of Beef with Crushed Peppercorns (£4.50 for 90g)
Organic Roast Topside and Mustard (£4.50 for 90g)
Organic Traditional Ham (£4.80 for 130g)
Organic Honey Roast Ham (£4.90 for 130g)
Organic Smoked Ham (£4.90 for 130g)
Organic Unsmoked back bacon, rindless (£5.09 for 184g)
Organic Unsmoked streaky bacon (£4.71 for 184g)
Organic Smoked back bacon (£5.36 for 184g)
Organic Smoked streaky bacon (£4.89 for 184g)
Organic Honey Smoked streaky bacon (£4.97 for 184g)