Mettrick backs National Butchers' Week
Published:  05 February, 2008

Celebrity butcher John Mettrick has thrown his weight behind Meat Trade Journal's National Butchers' Week.

The star of Kill It, Cook It, Eat It has signed onto the campaign as spokesman for the Midlands and is planning a week of high profile activity to get customers into his shop.

"The week is a great idea - with all that's been happening recently with programmes on television raising issues of food production, who is better placed to speak to consumers than their local butcher?"

John said he is planning a range of activity to encourage his community to think about butchery, not only for their food, but also as a career.

"We'll have primary school children coming in to see some butchery and our chef from our bakery will be doing cookery courses with the meat they've seen being prepared.

"We'll also have older children from the local comprehensive coming up to watch butchery demonstrations and we'll be having a Q&A session about how to become a butcher."

As well as teaming up with his local Women's Institute groups to promote the week, John will also be holding a farm to fork day for customers.

"We'll be inviting customers to follow the chain from farm to abattoir to butchers shop and then eat some meat."

He said they had carried out a similar event in the past which had proved successful.

On top of all that, John will also be carrying out some price promotions on pork during the week, offering a buy one get one free offer on pork fillet as well as providing recipe ideas. "We think the British pig farmers could do with some help at the moment."