Member engagement a top priority for BMPA in chief executive search
Published:  17 October, 2016

The British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) is on the hunt for a new chief executive. 

The role, which will replace the existing director position that has been vacant since Stephen Rossides stepped down in December 2015, involves raising the profile of the BMPA, promoting membership growth and co-ordinating the public policy work of the organisation.

The association is looking for candidates with leadership experience in a membership or lobbying organisation and success in influencing policy or implementing strategic projects from start-up to delivery. Knowledge of the meat industry is preferable.

The change in figurehead title is part of a strategy shift for BMPA. It has earmarked five key areas where it can improve engagement with its membership. These include investing in communication and content, having a more proactive MP and MEP engagement strategy, actively supporting  members to work together and working in alliance with other relevant trade organisations.

This focus comes at a time when the BMPA admits it has “not engaged with its membership as well as it could have, has too often lacked a clear strategic direction and allowed itself on occasions to be sidelined by some policy-makers”.

Earlier in the year at its AGM, the organisation agreed it must engage with its own members better at a time when the “industry is under attack by well-resourced organisations” and professionally responding to these organisations’ challenges must be a number one priority.