Banging radio station hits the airwaves
Published:  01 November, 2016

Celebrating British Sausage Week (Monday 31 October-Sunday 6 October), a new radio station has been launched to honour the British favourite. 

Sausage FM is the only station that promises “less talk, more pork” and is hosted by former JLS-member turned farmer, Jonathan Benjamin ‘JB’ Gill.

The radio station, was launched yesterday, 31 October, and features discussions from experts and sausage-lovers alike.

“It’s not every day you’re asked to DJ on a radio station that plays only the sounds of sizzling sausages,” commented Gill. “Being a huge fan of the British sausage I can’t wait to pump out some bangers during British Sausage Week!

“I’m passionate about food and it’s one of the reasons why I went into farming. In our house, sausages are always a go-to option for a quick, easy and tasty mid-week meal which my family loves ticking into. I know from my own experience the attention and care which goes intro producing quality fresh pork sausages, so when choosing your sausages look for the Red Tractor logo on pack. This way you’re not only supporting British farmers, but ensuring the sausages you eat are from pigs produced to high welfare standards.

“With more than 500 varieties to choose from, there’s a sausage to suit everyone’s tastes. And if you’re looking for a sausage recipe with a twist, give my son’s sausage fajitas a go!”

The event is now in its 19th year and has been organised by the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board.

You can listen to all the latest banging sausage tunes below.