Packaging specialist delivers new monitoring system
Published:  09 November, 2016

Ishida Europe, a specialist in weighing and packing line equipment, has introduced a remote customer care software solution designed for optimising efficiency and avoiding unwanted downtime. 

The Ishida Sentinel connects compatible Ishida machines anywhere in the world to a central system manned by engineers, providing complete monitoring of machines.

There are several Sentinel pack options available, with customers having the freedom to mix and match the different services they require. Intervention options are also available. For example, an option is available that allows customers to select live performance monitoring, with Ishida engineers keeping a continual check on their line’s performance. This means they can inform customers when a fault occurs.

This allows uptime to be maximised, while potential and recurring problems can be identified early and dealt with before they become more critical.

Ishida Sentinel has the capability to produce clear, easy-to-read daily or weekly reports from production line data that can be easily accessed by designated personnel. The reports are available in multiple languages and allow for quick and preventative actions to be taken, often without the need for an engineer to be called out.

Almost all of the equipment along the processing line, including multihead weighers, checkweighers, tray sealers, graders and bag–makers, can be linked with the Sentinel.

The piece of technology’s web client facility provides instant access to smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs worldwide, so that the machine operation can be monitored and assessed at any time or place.

The software incorporates a high level of security to create a fully secure network that ensures remote access can only be performed by authorised personnel.

“Performance monitoring and reporting is not part of most companies’ core business, nor is the gathering of such information generally an area of expertise, yet they can play a huge role in helping to create a more profitable and efficient operation,” said Ian Atkinson, multihead weigher business manager at Ishida Europe.

“With Ishida Sentinel’s full data capture and analysis capabilities, our new software relieves operators of a whole area of ‘information gathering’ tasks, and they can instead concentrate on using clear-cut, tailored information to make rapid, informed decisions.”

Ian Hodgson, Ishida Europe’s control systems manager, added: “The Ishida Sentinel Web Client facility allows factory personnel to directly monitor machine operation and assess performance whenever and wherever they wish. In this way, our new software is like a ‘use-anywhere window’ onto real-time production data.

“More and more businesses are adopting fully-integrated production and packing lines to get the best out of each piece of equipment in order to maximise throughput and minimise costs. Ishida Sentinel is simply pushing this concept further, enabling companies to achieve optimum benefits from this approach.”