Linpac and Parkside create natural looking packaging
Published:  14 November, 2016

Packaging solutions company Linpac has developed a range of new designs for its Rfresh Evolve rigid VSP trays in collaboration with print partner, Parkside Flexibles. 

The creations have been designed to enhance consumer appeal and help them stand out on shelf and are available in grass, kraft paper, wood or slate options. They’re printed by Parkside and laminated to the rPET tray during the thermoforming process and designed to capitalise on the trend for natural looking, premium packs, whilst adding value to a category that doesn’t often use graphics.

“As well as being eye-catching the trays offer retailers flexibility in differentiating and tiering fresh meat ranges,” said Nikki Clark, group marketing manager at Linpac.

“Evolve trays can be displayed horizontally, vertically, shingled or hung and are available in three application styles – normal, protruding and super-protruding – to present meat products in the most attractive way possible.”

The trays are produced from up to 95% rPET, which has been super-cleaned by Linpac, and can be used on all suitably modified tray-sealing machines. They are compatible with all vacuum films, which allows packers the flexibility of supply without being locked in to a material or machinery manufacturer.

“Partnering with Parkside on this project has allowed us to innovate one of our core products in order to improve its relevance to future market trends,” added Clark. “We’re extremely pleased with the result.”

The tight packaing means that Rfresh Evolve means there is fewer leakages and returns and has tamper evidence built-in. The barrier skin turns white when peeled, meaning consumers can tell if the packaging has already been opened or not.