Steakhouse raises thousands for children's cancer charity
Published:  21 November, 2016

Diners at London Steakhouse Co have helped raise £4,293.50 for cancer charity CLIC Sargent. 

Over a five-month period, every time a customer ordered the signature house cut fries with their steak, the restaurant donated 50 pence towards the charity.

CLIC Sargent, one of the UK’s leading cancer charities for children and young people, offers support to families affected by the illness.
“London Steakhouse Company has chosen CLIC Sargent as they work tirelessly to support young people in their fight against cancer,” commented James Ogilvie Robertson, co-owner of the restaurant.

“We are very pleased to be helping such a fantastic charity – they bring immediate and practical support to young people and their families when dealing with cancer. House fries, as you can imagine, are our most popular side order and we thought it was a brilliant way to benefit others through our restaurants.”
Jemma Syms, account manager at CLIC Sargent, said the charity was grateful for the support of the London Steakhouse Co.
“The money raised will help CLIC Sargent’s specialist care teams step in for these families, ready to help, support and guide,” she explained.

“We know that 11 more children and young people are diagnosed every day and it is vital that we can be there for them, individually, locally and nationally. We rely entirely on donations for our work, so support like this is absolutely crucial.”
The restaurant has also donated £5,000 on a separate occasion to the charity earlier this year, bringing its overall total donation for the year to £9,293.50.