Butcher forced to close by tax man
Published:  10 June, 2008

A Midlands butcher has been forced to close up by the official receiver, just days before he was due to receive a national award.

John Callinswood, 56, of Avion Food Hall in Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton, was ordered to close up his shop immediately by the official receiver following non-payment of a large tax bill.

Two days later, he had been due in London to be presented with an award from BPEX for his pork, Stilton and spring onion sausages.

He commented to local newsmen: "I was devastated when I was ordered to close. My livelihood and three part-time jobs disappeared with just half-an-hour's notice.

"We had numerous awards proving that the shop was selling the best-quality produce, but it still did not succeed.

"Trade had dropped by a third in the past five years, as the character of the area and its needs changed. We were a top-quality English butcher's and fewer and fewer of the people moving into the area were interested in that, which is a sad fact of life.

"My customers were the salt of the earth, but there were not enough of them to keep me going.

"The suppliers were all paid and the customers were looked after, but the falling sales did not leave enough money to pay my tax."

Mr Callinswood is now working for another butcher in the area.