Christmas advent calendars get 'porky kick up the backside'
Published:  28 November, 2016

The Snaffling Pig Co this year is offering something different to the traditional chocolate advent calendar.

The premium pork crackling producers launched its Merry Piggin’ Christmas Advent Calendar, offering a mini bag of flavoured pork scratchings behind each window. Each bag contains a mix of varieties including maple, BBQ and salted pork crackling.

In fact, the alternative advent calendar proved to be so popular that it sold out within days of being available.

“One of the best things about this porky venture-adventure we’re on is that when we have an idea we think might be fun we don’t have to spend months in meetings talking about it, we just decide to give it a go,” said Andrew Allen of the Snaffling Pig.

“Which is why one day over Christmas last year we had the thought that advent calendars needed a porky kick up the backside, so we decided we’d make one, even though we had no idea if anyone would actually buy one. He who piggin’ dares, and all that.

“What has followed has been as amazing as it has been humbling – it turns out a lot of people decided to agree with our hunch. We were sold out by the second week of November and we’ve had coverage in everything from Tatler and Cosmo, through to ITV’s This Morning and even a site in Australia.”

Although the Merry Piggin’ Christmas Advent Calendar may be sold out, the Snaffling Pig offers other Christmas gift options such as its Pigs in Blankets limited gift jars and the Pig & Pint Extravaganza.