Scottish butcher receives supermarket backing for gluten-free haggis
Published:  30 November, 2016

Simon Howie, known as The Scottish Butcher, has announced his gluten-free haggis has received the support of four major supermarket chains. 

Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and Asda will stock the product, considered to be the first of its kind, with consumers having time to stock up before Burns Night in January.

In addition, the speciality haggis will be available in all of Howie’s foodservice customers, ranging from local pubs and restaurants to five-star hotels and food distributors from December.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of the world’s first widely-available gluten free haggis,” said Howie. “I’m passionate about the food we produce and delighted that we’ve extended the range to allow more people to enjoy it.”

It is predicted that this innovative product will result in £300,000 of business in the year ahead, out of £3 million of total haggis sales for the year.

The gluten-free haggis will be sold in the same 454g format as its traditional and vegetarian counterparts.

“Crucially, our gluten-free haggis tastes just as good as our original best-selling product,” added Howie. “The taste, texture, bite and the look of the gluten-free version are the equal of our original haggis. And just as many of our customers choose our vegetarian haggis because they like the taste of it, not because they’re necessarily vegetarians, we’re confident that many customers will choose our gluten-free haggis as simply another delicious alternative.”

Customers will receive the opportunity to sample the range of haggis, including the gluten-free offering, on Burns Tours at both Tesco and Morrisons throughout January in the lead up to Burns Night on 25 January.