Research shows pork prices contribute to increased Christmas dinner costs
Published:  30 November, 2016

The Mintec Christmas Dinner Index 2016 has shown that the cost of Christmas dinner is set to be 1% more expensive this year, but still lower than the 2013 and 2014 prices. 

Mintec has identified the rise in the average price of pork (and vegetables) since last year to be a contributing factor. However, overall turkey prices remain low. As this makes up the largest proportion of the meal, it holds more influence over the index than pork and vegetables do.

“Turkey prices remained down 2% year-on-year in November, despite a surge at the start of the month due to Christmas demand,” highlighted the report. “Prices were generally higher in 2015 due to global concerns over avian flu.”

The rise in prices of UK pork from May of this year was recognised as a factor that led to the overall cost increase of Christmas dinner. “In October, prices were up 14% year-on-year. Pork is used for pigs in blankets. Christmas dinner to some would not be the same without this delicacy accompanying their turkey. The increase in prices this year is mainly due to strong demand from China, as a result of lower domestic production, coupled with the expectation that production in the UK will be down year-on-year in 2016.”

Mintec advised that prices are likely to rise come December, due to increased demand, so stocking up on pork and turkey early would be the best course of action.