YouTube butcher reaches subscription milestone
Published:  06 December, 2016

A butcher who has gained a following for his butchery videos has received an award and certificate from YouTube, where his videos are aired, in recognition of him reaching 100,000 subscribers. 

Scott Rea, from Worcester, uploaded his first video of him butchering a pig three years ago “just for a bit of fun”. The video has since received three million views.

“It kind of snowballed from there,” he told Meat Trades Journal. “I put another video on, and then another and I realised that people were really interested.” He now uploads one video per week. “It’s become so big; I didn’t realise how important it is to people.”

Rea, who has been a butcher for 28 years, has received backing from celebrity chefs such as Tim Maddams from River Cottage, Phil Vickery, Nigel Slater and Tom Kerridge. His videos have a combined view count of 30 million and have reached 260 countries, from Equatorial Guinea to Afghanistan.

“The thing with meat traders is there are not many of us classically trained butchers left – we are a dying breed,” he said. “My idea was to get it down, not just on paper but on film.”

Rea has become so popular that he has people private-messaging him (up to 250 emails a day) asking him for advice on all aspects of the industry – from techniques, to asking what are the best kind of knives to buy.

“Butchery is happening, it’s back,” he said.

“You can talk about butchery, and you can read about butchery, but you cannot physically see it, unless you’ve got the knowledge as well, so you can see how they work through it in your head.”

All Rea’s videos are recorded from a point-of-view perspective, making it as realistic as possible for the viewer.

“Butchery is a hard game now,” he concluded. “But it is slowly coming back. In the US they are absolutely mad for it. I like to think I was at the forefront in a way.”