Rare-breed Narragansett turkey makes Tesco return
Published:  14 December, 2016

After a 70-year absence, the Narragansett turkey has made a return to supermarket shelves. 

According to Tesco, it will be the first supermarket to stock the rare-breed turkey for seven decades. The bird was originally created by crossing English breeds with native wild American turkeys over 200 years ago.
Due to its unique and succulent taste, Tesco has chosen to stock it as part of its Finest range with Christmas just one-and-a-half weeks away.

Narragansett turkeys tend to be bred on acres of land, where they are free to roam and eat where and what they choose, resulting in a free-range bird.

“With only a few days to go before the big day, the Narragansett is the bird to impress guests and to treat the family this Christmas,” said Suzanne Eldridge, Tesco turkey buyer.

“Considered to be the king of British turkeys, the wonderful-tasting dark meat and succulent breast certainly have the flavour to match its reputation.”

The rare-breed turkey is being reared for Tesco by farmers in East Anglia and is available online and in the supermarket’s stores throughout the UK from £9 per kg. The decision to reintroduce it to customers after trials over the past two years demonstrated that there was a market for the turkey.