Get your pigs in blankets out from the cold!
Published:  14 December, 2016

What leaps to mind when you think of the traditional Christmas lunch? 

You are most likely to be thinking turkey… However, our research tells us that it is not always the most obvious bird that shoppers want, at least not solely. With a demand for different meats to be served around the family table at Christmas time comes opportunity for channels associated with less during the festive period to step up to the plate.

In a recent poll, we asked shoppers which types of meat they have for their Christmas lunch, perhaps surprisingly only 60% responded turkey. Pair this with plenty of households opting for more than one meat dish for their family feast and it is plain to see that there is opportunity outside of the standard turkey offering.

The research also showed that the family favourite of pigs in blankets came second to top at 20%. Shortly followed by chicken at 17%. Ham, sausages, bacon, lamb and duck also came into the mix for meat dishes eaten for Christmas lunch. These types of meats and in particular the ‘trimmings’ that can often be found in the fridge all year round are a great way for convenience retailers to get a portion of the Christmas lunch shop.  

Independent retailers stocking bacon and sausages should focus on giving these products a premium feel so that shoppers deem them worthy of their Christmas lunch. Draw attention to them by using signage in store suggesting them as a Christmas side. And remember, not everyone is signing ‘all I want for Christmas is turkey…’